Staedtler Concrete Ballpoint Pen

189.00 SEK

Make a statement - be concrete ! 

Cast by hand in high-performance concrete as a statement for modern
writing culture. The special manufacturing technique makes each pen
unique, individual and full of character. STAEDTLER® Concrete is one of
a kind.Barrel made of high-performance concrete. Black ink. Crazy hexagonal
form with push-button mechanism. This pen is a must-have treat for trend-sensitive people. Although this pen is made of concrete it doesn’t feel heavy at all and fits the hand comfortably.

Staedtler´s choice for concrete was inspired by the material’s increasing use in architecture and design. Replaceable with STAEDTLER jumbo
ballpoint refill, black, B.

Staedtler Concrete Ballpoint Pen är en unik och tuff kulpenna som är tillverkad i betong med en hexagonformad pennkropp. Tryckmekanism och svart bläck.

Påfyllningsbar med
ballpoint refill, black. Den kan också köpas på Prosell Design.